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  • DIY Weight Loss 2016
    All you need to know

    In today's world of youtube videos, it is always tempting to just create your own workout plan.

    The DIY (Do It Yourself) climate has a lot of pros and cons, but in the end, the final decision lies with the individual. The best advice that I can give to any who wants to venture into the world of DIY Weight Loss is to choose the path of least risk. This means that every precaution must be taken to avoid products and routines which have been proven to cause harm.
  • Personal Trainer
    The Guidance You Need

    A personal trainer is an asset in the world of weight loss - and the good news is that they are a fixture at almost every gym.

    The reality is that it is often a better choice to have guidance when you are trying to lose weight and get fit. Another advantage of having a personal trainer is that some of there is usually assistance with making meal plans and the added incentive to stick with the plan. A personal trainer's job is to be a guide for his/her students throughout the weight loss program and should have the courage to get you back in line.
  • Get Ripped 2016!
    Stay Focused

    The beach is calling and so the new slogan for my good friend James is "Get Ripped 2016".

    James outlined his plan to achieve his goals, but something important was missing - he had no intention of changing his diet. Someone once said that it is foolish to perform the same action repeatedly and expect a different result. This problem plagues many "Do It Yourselfers" who act as if they have some extraordinary power to reduce their waste line just by thinking about it. No sugar coating!
  • Health and Strength
    Yes you can!

    One of the first things that you will notice after starting on your weight loss journey is the improvement of your health and strength

    Let's face it, you heath is very important and should not be sacrificed for anything. With that said, it is important that a balance be found between improving your health and increasing your strength. There are many experts who will tell you that performance enhancing products are necessary to achieve your goals, but the truth is that you are better off finding a proven "natural" program and sticking to it.

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